Rainbow Fluffies Unicorn Colorful Plush

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Come meet the Rainbow Fluffies. Are they rainbows stuffed with animals or animals stuffed with rainbows? You can Unhide the Rainbow Inside! Then, Unfluff for an Animal you stuff. The Rainbow Fluffies aren't just fun, but they're super cute too with their big eyes and squishy noses. They're the perfect friend for bedtime cuddles, car ride snuggles and everything in between. Each animal the perfect cuddly friend. Stuff them back into their rainbow and their super colorful and fuzzy too. Whatever your snuggle style is, the Rainbow Fluffies have you covered with their plush fur and soft nuzzles. Jay @ Play creates toys that are engaged, enlightened and enjoyed by children around the world. With major advertising support for our retailers and partners, we develop some of the hottest brands in the market today. Package contains (1) Rainbow Fluffies Colorful Plush - 2 in 1 Stuffed Animal. There are nine different cuddly Rainbow Fluffies to choose from including Blue Puppy, Green Dragon, Elephant, Ladybug, Panda, Pink Kitty, Tiger, Turtle, and Unicorn. Collect them all!

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