Hasbro Jenga Fortnite Boxed Game

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  • Jenga game with a Fortnite variant: it is a jenga game enriched with graphic material, themes and characters inspired by the famous Fortnite Online Video Game
  • Spin, Stack and Scale: Players spin the wheel and follow directions: the number and types of blocks to stack, and how many levels their Fortnite character needs to climb
  • Do not fail: players move their counters up and opponents' counters down in removing and stacking blocks; however, if the tower collapses as they climb or stack blocks, they will have lost
  • Fight to the summit: The first player to place his fortnite character counter inside one of the holes placed at the top of the tower will be the winner
  • Fortnite Fan: Jenga: Fortnite Edition is a fun and challenging for Fortnite fans. It is a great birthday or holiday gift for gamers and Fortnite fans from 8 years and up

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